What do you do when your car is damaged? Your car is a necessity, you can’t live without it for long. Without your car, everyday events like getting to and from work can be a challenge. That’s why we are here for you. Bring your car to us and we will quickly make things right so you can go back to living & driving happily again.

Collision Repair

Once your insurance company approves the estimate to repair your vehicle, we get to work on actual repairs. We begin by ordering all of the necessary parts for your vehicle and prepare it for repair (remove debris, etc.). The vehicle is then disassembled as necessary. Once the vehicle is disassembled, we are able to determine if other damage is present. If so, we handle the process of obtaining a supplementary estimate from your insurance company in order to cover the repair of additional damage discovered. Technicians then begin repairs from the inside out.

Paint Matching

PPG is a world leader in automotive paint. The PPG mixing system combines state-of-the-art color-matching computer technology with highly sophisticated paint mixing capabilities. This ensures that you get the very best paint match available in the industry. This impeccable service comes with our promises to protect the environment by minimizing the amount of products used and wasted.

With the PPG mixing system, we can match any color required by the manufacturer.

Free Estimates

Should you be involved in an accident, you will need to immediately contact your insurance company. Once you do, the next step in the repair process is to obtain a collision repair estimate. Since we work with all the major insurance companies in the area, it is likely that we are on their list of approved repair shops to contact for an estimate.

We do more than just look at your car and give you an estimate. We utilize a computerized estimating system for a detailed, accurate and prompt estimate of repairs. You will receive an estimate upfront.

Car Rental

With Enterprise Rent-A-Car available you can save time and money.  Should you prefer to use a different rental company, just let us know and we can help you make the arrangements.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 am – 5:00 pm


Frame Repair

The frame is considered to be the most significant component of your vehicle. It provides strength and stability under varying conditions, and supports the engine and axle assemblies.

Chief® builds the World’s most advanced and productive collision repair equipment, including pulling and measuring equipment. We utilize three Chief Easy Liners, which means you get the benefit of the most efficient pulling system in the world. Our electronic Genesis measuring system integrates the precision of laser scanning with a computerized database for accuracy in analysis.

24-hr Towing

Call us and we’ll quickly come to you whether it is 2am or 2pm.  We offer access to 24hr towing to help speed along your repair.

Louie’s Towing